Elverson rod & Gun Club

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you currently have any openings for membership?
A: No, membership is currently full.  A small number of slots open in March of any given year.

Q: Can I get on a wait list?
A: The club does not maintain a wait list.  Application forms are available to take home in February, and can be submitted beginning at the March meeting.

Q: What are the requirements to become a member?
A: Applicants must be US citizens and residents of PA; must be sponsored by a current member in good standing; must pay for and pass a criminal background check (waived for concealed carry permit holders); attend a monthly members meeting or work night.

Q: Can I get a sponsor if I don't know any members?
A: Your sponsor vouches for your character and safety.  We recommend that you participate in our public events where you can get to know members and secure a sponsor.

Q: What events are open to the public?
A: All trap and board shoots are open to the public, as is the Top Gun shoot.  Non-members are also welcome to help out on work nights and attend social events.  Non-members may only attend monthly members meetings if they have specific business or to present themselves as applicants for membership.

Q: Can anyone close the range?                   A: Any member can close the range if they feel there is a safety issue and notify the Range Officer as soon as practical. Members or work contractors can close the range if they are acting with authority of the Club Officers to perform scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. In cases of scheduled maintenance every effort will be made to post the range closure on the clubs website ahead of time. If you need to close the range and know in advance, email the Club Webmaster to get the posting on the Club website home page and Calendar.